Check out Don's campaign announcement in Talk of the Town:

Below is an excerpt...

"I believe in the least intrusive government possible. Your government works for you and is designed to serve, protect and defend. My role as your mayor will be to work with the city departments managing them to be the most efficient and effective departments possible."

Sexton sees the grant money awarded to the city in recent years, finding fault with what he sees as the spending of tax dollars in the name of grant funding.

"The outgoing administration is proud of the fact that during the last 8 years $500,000 in grant money was received for various projects," Sexton said.

"This grant money is tax money. This administration is also working on the $4 million ‘Highway 205 project’. Again, this project is being funded with grant money. This is yet another example of pork barrel ineffective spending. When I am your mayor this ineffective spending will stop. This easy spending philosophy is what created our government’s current deficit position."
A candidate who is smart...who is not in this for ego... and who will make decisions that are good for families and taxpayers alike

Don Sexton has demonstrated strength and foresight as both a political and business leader in Columbia City.

"I believe it's time to have good, old-fashioned representative government in city hall. Someone who is available and listens to the people. That's what I'm all about."

- Don Sexton, candidate for mayor

Thank you all for your kindness & support on this adventure! We didn't secure the nomination but your friendship is so much more precious to us.
We love you!
Don Sexton for Mayor.
The People's Choice.

                       Columbia City, Indiana
What will be your key areas of focus as mayor?
[From our FAQ tab]

My three areas of concentration for my administration are as follows: 

1) infrastructure – we will take a very pro-active methodical approach reviewing our utilities.  We will design a program which will go street by street, block by block to create a preventive maintenance program designed to reduce the over-all cost of your utilities. 

2) stop ineffective spending – your government must concentrate on effective spending.  My definition of effective spending is that which gives your community a good return on its investment.  We must stop the trivial wasteful spending that has taken place in government over the last few years.  You will not furnish me with a vehicle.  You will not pay for my unnecessary travels.  You will not pay for unnecessary consultants.  I understand how to manage your money and I know how to manage my time.  I will be the most efficient, effective fulltime mayor Columbia City has ever seen.  And finally, your mayor must be tough enough to say no to projects which do not benefit the entire community. 

3) economic development – your city government must have as a top priority the marketing of Columbia City and Whitley County.  We are still at 9% unemployment and this is unacceptable.  You expect your local officials to represent you and to actively work with regional and state officials to help your community prosper.  I will be that mayor.

What would make you a better mayor than the other two  Republican candidates?

"Basically, you, the voters, are hiring an employee to fill the position of mayor.  We need to look at the candidate’s qualifications.  What qualifies the best candidate for a job? Experience.  Who has the management skills to best be your mayor? Skills are taught – management skills come from experience.

"I have been in financial management since 1972.  I have taught economics and various management classes at International Business College since 1974.  I have served your local city government since the administration of Mayor Jim Teghtmeyer.  My years of experience in business, in education and in government taught me the vital skill of listening.  I will be available, accessible and I will listen." 
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News-Sentinel coverage of April 20 forum (click here):

"Donald Sexton, in his second term on City Council...met with an audience of about 60 people at the Peabody Public Library...A better turnout for a city of 8,750 than some candidate forums in Fort Wayne, about 27 miles to the east with a population near 254,000, have drawn this spring. ...'That's what we've been hoping to emphasize to people. This is what it's all about. This is what democracy is,' Sexton added. 'We'll continue until there are no more questions.'”

From Becki Downing Jacquay:
"Thanks so much for the yard signs!!!!!"

Thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support every step of the campaign so far! If others are interested in a yard sign, drop us a line via the "contact us" tab

Your support is so incredible and appreciated - we are all in this one together!
Call to Action...

Vote for Don in the May 3 primary! Three Republicans vying for the privilege of that Republican spot on the November ballot. That's key and foremost and essential and necessary and crucial and etc, etc, and so forth.

Please urge folks to join us here or on Facebook. DON SEXTON FOR MAYOR. The People's Choice. Primary time...keep Don in mind!

Post & Mail coverage of April 5 forum (click here)
Below is an excerpt...

Don Sexton, the only mayoral candidate with public office experience, described himself as a salesman, saying that skill would be one of his most marketable as mayor. The longtime banker said a mayor’s job involves salesmanship when it comes to attracting new business and industry to a small town.

“I believe Columbia City has a great story to tell,” Sexton said. “I’ve been in sales all my life and when it comes to bringing industry to a small town, I want to be your salesman.”

Sexton is a member of the Columbia City Common Council and a former member of the Board of Works and Safety. He received applause from the audience when he announced if elected he would refuse the use of a city-owned vehicle.

“Then, I would gather the department heads and have a serious discussion about wasteful spending,” he said.

The primary election is May 3.

Thanks, Clyde!
Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Coverage (click here)
Below is an excerpt...

Sexton, in his second term as a city councilman, has worked in financial management and banking since 1972 and has been employed at Lake City Bank since 1997; he currently is a vice president.

Sexton thinks his experience would enable him as mayor to entice businesses and residents to the area.

“Columbia City has a great future and a great potential for growth,” Sexton said. “We need someone who can effectively market the city, and I can do that.” ...

Sexton thinks it’s time to put the brakes on ineffective spending in local government.

“I’m usually the one (on city council) voting against wasteful spending,” he said.

If elected, he will lead by example, he said. Sexton said in light of rising fuel costs, he would return the city vehicle that is usually provided the mayor and use his own car. He also would cut unnecessary travel and mileage expenses, starting in the mayor’s office, he said.

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It's not the number of a candidate's signs that matters most.

"I posted more signs than anyone!" one candidate will boast.

Before voting, please remember that governing is not a game.

What matters is the integrity and experience behind the name.


    - Name Withheld Upon Request

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