"Roy, as a guy who has watched local politics in umpteen different communities (and has the broken pencils and empty aspirin bottles to prove it), I'm rooting for your dad. Sounds like he's got a good head on his shoulders."
- Scott Spielman

- Kristi Downing Wise

"I thank you for letting me help cause your dad's finally given me hope that there can be someone in government that actually does care about the people and not just what he says to the people to get elected :) ...but instead of Mayor, I think Governor Don Sexton sounds better!"
- Dean Pressler

"[Roy,] I met both of your parents while they were in the neighborhood today. They were campaigning, handing out flyers. It was fun talking to them both. I had met your Dad before, but first time I met your Mom. Great folks!"
- Susan D.

"again...love this pic of Roy...and Father/Son devotion...truly apparent...Don go forth and make a difference!"
- Valerie Byer Rouch

"Good luck, Don, we are outside the city limit and can't vote, but, if we could, it would be for you!"
- Barb Penick

"we care full-time and are always at HOME...no pretense, no absence from the home-front. in actuality, we all owe jeff walker, our town manager, our thanks for his truly round the clock concern. he doesn't just give that term lip service. love him! ♥"
- Susie Sexton

Kay VanHoesen: "Susie is both an outstanding writer & radio interview/guest as well as a fabulous human being. Got to listen to her both times on Colin Lively's show on HereWomenTalk radio." Nancy Hartman: "I think of Susie Sexton as a very loving person who really cares what happens to others. She has a true heart for Animals & would do anything for them."

"To the Sexton family: Good Luck, wish I could vote there!"
- Maureen D'Agostino

"High morals are always a great example from the parents...tell your Dad thanks for the t-shirt! AND he gave me a button too!!!"
       - Becki Downing Jacquay

"Don, if only I lived in Columbia City, I would be happy to assist in your campaign! In my several courses with you at International Business College, your sense of humor and depth of knowlege created a positive environment for student learning. Your easygoing personality and sense of responsibility to your community make you a great Mayoral candidate...and hopefully, a great Mayor as well! Best of luck to you."
- Theresa Myers

"I have faith in Don Sexton and what he can do for this city as I hope you all do too and will come show your support!!"
- Dean Pressler


It's not the number of a candidate's signs that matters most.

"I posted more signs than anyone!" one candidate will boast.

Before voting, please remember that governing is not a game.

What matters is the integrity and experience behind the name.


- Name Withheld Upon Request

"Don, impressive website! Concise, down to earth, responsive and intelligent. You deliver what the people want and what the people need to hear, from your own perspective and not from anywhere else. It is people, just as yourself, that give politics a good name!! Good Luck in the upcoming primary on May 3rd, you know you have our votes!!!"
- Kathy Cook

"I go waaaaayyy back to Doc Holycross' Civic Class at CCJHS...vote for the man, not the party...that statement was given to us many times during the course of the year, and I've always voted that way..vote for the man (or woman) and not the party.... ...even though my silent, outside the city vote can't count..I'd be voting for the best man to run CC......Don Sexton...."
- Pat Heinbaugh

From Paul Clifford Schrade: "Your problem, Susie Sexton dear, is that God was on an extravagant streak and granted you two hearts, and now you are saddled with that responsibility..and it 'taint easy! Us lesser drones have it easier." And Tara Steffen-Hullinger: "So very true! :-)"

"You all are never rude to anyone. That is much respect that needs noticed by many."
- Manny Whitlock

"The best teacher, the best choice for mayor!  Don, I have learned much from you and enjoyed your guidance through my college years. I know that with this type of leadership and common sense principles, you are the obvious choice!"
   - Stephanie Schmidt Banker

"Roy, I am generally pretty liberal. I believe everyone has their rights. And I don't usually vote Republican, but too bad your dad isn't in my district! I love going through the thngs that you post about him. I believe the best person for the job isn't Democrat or Republican but one who represents their people. I would vote for him!!!!"
- Brandy Ball

"I agree and pray Columbia City does [vote for Don] cause things need to change, and I believe Don is the only one that actually will make those changes happen."
- Dean Pressler

"Good Luck this evening in your perfomance...I am in school and have chemistry class...but wanted you to know I extend to you...'Break a Leg'...by the way love the shirt in your profile...makes me giggle and realize even though you live afar...your heart is in the right place...oh how your parents love you and always have...again...'Break a Leg!'"
- Valerie Byer Rouch

"I would love to have a sign for my yard....It would be an honor to show my support for the best candidate :-)"
- Susi Waldeck

"You are a major blessing to the world, Susie!!!!"
- Michelle Bayh-Wagner

"Susie - you are truly a blessing to all the animals!"
-  Trish McGinty Cline

"[Susie,] has anyone told you lately how awesome you are??? I feel I should tell you that your light shines bright and am still looking forward to the day I can hug you in person. You are such an angel to our dear friends that cannot speak for themselves... many blessing to you my friend!"
- Kathie Chandler

"[Roy], you were just great. Loved your voice, loved that I could understand every word too. You got it all. I loved the way you LOVE your parents & are not afraid to honor them. You have great parents that raised a Great Son. No wonder they are so proud - it's a mutal admiration society. I love that & was proud to meet your parents, thanks to my wonderful daughter."
- Alice Rivera

"Every one you save is a win. One in a lifetime is a win, but I bet you have saved thousands. And I can only imagine the positive resulting therefrom. Thank you, Susie - I see and I'm inspired by your tenacity every day. :-)"
- Adrienne Sue Thommes

"Susie is the Mother Theresa of the animal world. She keeps the scales balanced and somewhere there should be a nobel prize for her! Susie..you amaze me even more than the animals you so dearly love!"
- Paul Clifford Schrade

"I don't know you all personally, but I wish there were more people on the face of this earth like your family! :) Meeting you here on Facebook gives me hope!"
- Brandy Ball

"I look forward to voting for Don! I can't wait to see him in office!!! Proudly from Columbia City, Indiana! ...Thanks for the add! I'm a big fan of your [Susie's] column, and I can't wait to see Don in office! :)"
  - Anita Egner

"St. Susie, you did it again. This picture is so cute and adorable, but the true meaning is the picture, it speaks for itself. I'm sure God is looking too."
- Alice Rivera

"Don's a good guy, and we need someone like him to run this city. And I'll do whatever i can to help him, and, if there's anything else I can do to help, plz let me know :)"
- Dean Pressler

"Ditto to Roy's letter. Were I still a resident, Don would have my vote. I already know he makes good choices."
  - Harry Staley

"DON would make a great mayor"
      - Robert Reavis

"You would make a great mayor. You have my vote!"
- Myrna Bailey

"All best wishes for the Mayor's race. I know you will be the absolute best choice!! Wishing you and Susie a great year!"
- Hattie Byland

" If you all don't think I have Republican friends, I say, WRONG. I am all supporting a Republican who is not of these ones around the birther thing. I know of a man running for Mayor, A Republican in Indiana, his children are cool and the man seems to be a blessing to everyone. He is my kinda Republican."
- Manny Whitlock

"Great, Roy....thanks for the loan of the picture. How goes the campaign? Your Dad is such a great guy....he'll do terrific."
    - Christina White

"I feel as I am sure many others Don would be the correct, downright best Mayor! It's not just about being Mayor, it's about the one who is a friend, has correct morals in life! I stress that! MORALS! The one who doesn't need to spend lots of money to be Mayor but the one who in the end will make the right choices as a Mayor! Even if I didn't know Don, his background fits as Mayor! But since I am blessed to know him, everything I said describes him! He should be Mayor! So those who decide to jump on the bandwagon because of popularity, I hope they stop to think who is the better canidate!!!!! Key word...BETTER. And his name starts with a D...Mr. Don Sexton!!!"
             - Carly Rohrer

"Awesome, Carly!! Morals and integrity should be one of the top 'need to haves' in a Mayoral race."
- Becki Downing Jacquay

"Susie, just stopping by to tell you I just finished your article - loved it of course. What's not to love! I, too, love Liz better than Natalie; however, I'm not sure I have ever cut Liz's head off and placed it on Natalie's body, but, hey, if I had thought of it, I might have! You, my dear, are an inspiration to all of us closet writers. Thank you so very much & please keep up the good work. ♥ ♥ ♥ Kat" 
- Kat Kelly-Heinzelman

" Mayor Don and First Lady Susie. Sounds good to me."
- Harry Staley

"Ms. Susie, you are doing a wonderful job! Never give up! Animals deserve to be treated with respect as well. People just don`t care about anybody but their own selfish selves! You keep on doing what you feel in your heart. I don`t say much, but i see the great job that you, Roy and others are doing. Have a great weekend, Ms. Susie. I just feel defeated! God is good though!"
     - Bill Moore

"Susie, I found your radio interview on The Colin Lively Show. I found it on Don's website. Very nice - I enjoyed listening to it. Hopefully they will get in contact with you for another interview soon. We have placed about three signs in our neighborhood & will see what we're able to do about getting more out! Mom is even sporting one of Don's buttons on her coat, I noticed!"
   - Kathy Cook

"My dear, you and Shakespeare can certainly turn a phrase! xox"
- Ramona  Zachary

"I'll have to agree with Ramona there. If Shakespere had a sister, Susie would fit the bill. :)"
- Christopher Jordan:

"Good stuff. Really enjoyed the website. Political writing is one of my fortes!!"
  - Kathy Trent

"Susie, dear (& this said in front of you, Don), Susie, dearest, I very much enjoyed reading your latest [Old Type Writer entry], Tristan and Isolde of the two star-crossed lovers that appeared on your front porch. Heartwarming & a pure cameo of Americana from the heart of the Midwest where Americana begins. You are the personification of Americana. Thanks for strumming my heart-strings. You exude pride in the country we were born in, but take for granted. Hold onto the fire and hug it close. Love ya!"
       - Paul Clifford Schrade

"I so believe that our only mayoral choice for our small town would be Don Sexton. Assuming that I can write that belief on my own profile page (which i just now did), I submit that there truly is no other possibility and urge those who still feel free to express individual wisdom, about the person who would be fair to all and not just... some, vote for him. Seriously."
- Susie Sexton

"I am so happy that you are running for mayor. I enjoyed you as my Professor at International Business College. Thank you so much for being such a personable person still to this day. That is one great quality for being the next Mayor."
      - Miranda Saggars Hosler

"YA!!! YA!!! DON FOR MAYOR!!!:)"
- Carly Rohrer

"Don, would be a good mayor for this town and you at his side, Susie!"
   - Dane Hammons

"If i lived in town your dad would have my vote!"
   - Melissa Wheeler

"I like that! Right to the point, and very honest. Wish our candidates in Michigan came right to the point, instead of really talking about nothing."
- Alice H Rivera

"Looks awesome! He looks like a prez."
  - Belinda Smith Bunyan

"Your mom is great as always & so on track! Your dad will win by a landslide with her on his side. Still think she should run for office too - Senate perhaps? Give them my best wishes & heartfelt hope that dad wins & mom keeps putting out the timely, thoughtful, stimulating, ENJOYABLE articles!"
- Julia Fuller

"You're welcome. I loved your mom's 'pets posts' and the cartoon sketch your dad did for your granddad all those years ago. So our next mayor is a skilled cartoonist - who knew?"
  - Marilyn K. Murphy

"Is Don your dad? Awesome guy!"
- Sally Spillers

"Please bring a BIG sign to put in my yard!!!"
        - Becki Downing Jacquay

"I hope DON does WIN MAYOR! Don Sexton for Mayor. The People's Choice. Good luck!"
    - Nancy Hartman

"If I lived in CC, you would have my vote!  Hope you have a successful run! Best wishes!"
- Barb Carver Frey

"We received two personal 'hand-delivered' t-shirts from Mr. Sexton just last evening! We are delighted that he thought of us and made the gesture to swing by our direction in his travels home after dinner. I told Tim, 'Now we need to go somewhere so people can see them...we never go anywhere!!' Again, thank you, Don...you da man!!!"
- Kathy Cook

"thank you, Roy.......I loved susie as my guest.....I agree, it was a special show.......valerie geffner is amazing performer.....and susie brought her big, open heart to my show........."
- New Yorker, artist, and radio talk
                           show host Colin Lively on author
                           and activist Susie Sexton

"[Roy,] good luck to your father..."
- Terry J Wilson

"Don, being a Florida resident I will be unable to vote for you but  know you will do an excellent job as Mayor of Columbia City."
- L.D. Smith

"Since I am no longer living in Whitley County, it is the best and least I can do! Good luck to him!"
-Heidi Williamson Elias who shared a
link to Don's campaign ad on her
Facebook page

"Don is not only one of the best uncles a girl (or woman, in this case!) could ask for, but he is an individual. I've not known anyone like him. He doesn't go with the flow, just to stay in line. He has ideas and they need to really be heard. Now is the time for that to happen, now is the time for that change. Let's make that change begin with SEXTON FOR MAYOR!!! He most definitely has our vote, for Mayor, and has our votes in our hearts!!!"
- Kathy Cook

"That's sure a GOOD lookin' guy running for mayor!!!!! :) :) VOTE FOR HIM FOLKS!!! :)"
            - Cheryl Schuman

"Don, you asked me to help get the word out - well boy have I!!!! The amazing thing of it is I need not ask them to vote for you, for, as soon as I have let them know you are running, everyone immediately says 'He has my vote!' I guess when you always do the right thing (because it is the right thing to do!), you need not be introduced as Don Sexton...because they know ...you just need to be introduced as a candidate for whatever office because your honesty,integrity,and values stand for 'whom' you are!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Mr.'S'"
         - Rick Vorhies

"Don is my mayoral candidate. He will do what is right for the people. And, yes, you are correct, I don't live within the city limits, but IF I DID, I'd be voting for Don, come Election Day. You should,too..."
     - Pat Heinbaugh

"Do not pre-suppose nuttin'- this is gonna be a fun ride with any questions which cross your mind answered by Dandy Don himself! Anxious to hear what he has to say myself! ;D"
- Susie Sexton

"Susie, I want to thank you for sending me over to the 'old typewriter'...I love all those articles & poems & stuff. Roy added one also today from Valentine's Day. I really liked the first poem. You hang in there girl & hope you get a little rest this weekend cause Monday it will start all over again. Take care rest up because Monday is going to be when the fun starts...LOL"
    - Kat Kelly-Heinzelman

"Don...If you're elected, can I be your chauffeur/ bodyguard?..."
  - Dan Shirley

"Roy - I think your Dad is the best Professor I ever had. Also, his moral values are suberb! What an upstanding citizen to have represent our city :)"
- Becki Downing Jacquay

"Wish i could vote for you, since i live outside of city limits. We really do need a mayor who has the same concerns as us. Wishing you good luck in the primary."
       - Name Withheld Upon Request

"Wish I could... move to Columbia City to vote for Don. Sounds like he has his head on straight"
- Dave Warner

"I'm a registered Democrat, but there's a lot about both parties - people and politics - that I can't stand. It's about the person, not the political label, which is why Don would have my vote in a heartbeat if I could vote from Oregon... :)"
- Julia Harris Ozab

"Oh my!!! As I wipe the tears from my eyes....This one (as many others) hit my heart! Without your Mom, Our Susie, this lil lovable and handicapped baby would have died. Again, your Mom is an Angel, took Lizzie Beth in with open arms. We  are all so fortunate to have Don and Susie in our community with all the devotion, love and care....and always willing to help in anyway they can, to make life better, for not only our lives, but for all the animals no matter what!!! I will not be able to get this wonderful piece out of my mind. I wonder a lot about Lizzie Beth and how she is doing. I am terrible about keeping in touch...as my family and friends know. Just know....that I so appreciate you and your parents, more than words could ever say, or I could ever show!! ♥"
                                                      - Laurie LaRue Bills
                                                         in response to
  "Thoughts  of pets of the past and veterinarians too"

"Your mom is adorable…and I think your dad has a great chance at becoming mayor!"
   - Andrea Gresko

"Don - You are a fine man - honest and trustworthy. I wish I had the opportunity to vote for you....I think Don will win this race. Hope so.""
- Carole Craft

"Roy, glad to see you supporting your dad for mayor. He seems to have all the qualities we all want in governing officials. Working closely with your mom and dad on the campaign is a great way of bonding and becoming even closer. Kerry and Kevin helped me get elected a while ago, and it helped us in many ways. Let us know if we can help"
  - Jim Doyle

"I wish Don Sexton (father of Roy) the very best of luck in his run for Mayor."
      - Irene Brodsky

"Congrats to your Dad for running… any chance he wants to move to MI? We could use him in our area. :0) And to you for the Penny Seats!"
     - Tamera Varkas

"Wishing you lotsa luck and a prayer too:)"
- Christopher Jordan

"Roy, I met your Dad, after one of our Oklahoma, performances and liked him right off....I would hate to see him sink into the quicksand of politics...Lord be with him....hope he gets elected and makes a difference."
     - Joe Arcel

"For the sake of refreshing myself with Mr.Webster...I reviewd my understanding of both the words SEXTON & SEXTANT AND YOUR DAD ADMIRABLY FITS THE OFFICE HE'S RUNNING FOR ...EXCEPT GRAVEDIGGER AND I DOUBT HE'LL EVER DO THAT IN ANY OF HIS PURSUITS!"
      - Paul Clifford Schrade

"Well, he is cute. It's not just the Kennedys that can be cute ya know. Come to think of it, old Johnnie [Kennedy] boy wanted Canada as part of the US, but our crusty old Prime Minister said no way! Thank god for crusty old men!!!"
   -  Colette Richard

"'We need a mayor who will represent the people and not special interest groups.' Sounds like a smart man...'We need a mayor who will work to get our utility bills in line.' Good word"
    - Manny Whitlock

Some nice comments...so far...
Don Sexton for Mayor.
The People's Choice.

                        Columbia City, Indiana
"Thanks so much for the yard signs!!!!!"
   - Becki Downing Jacquay

Thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support every step of the campaign so far! If others are interested in a yard sign, drop us a line via the "contact us" tab

Your support is so incredible and appreciated - we are all in this one together!

Photo by Jennifer Romano, Pictured Terry L. Smith & Susie, www.talkofthetownwc.com
Fun at the 2011 Whitley County Chamber of Commerce Expo - thanks, Michelle, for sending! Pictured: Greg Hockemeyer & Don

Photos and coverage by Jennifer Romano, www.talkofthetownwc.com
Photos and coverage by Jennifer Romano, www.talkofthetownwc.com
Photo by Jennifer Romano, www.talkofthetownwc.com
Photos & coverage by Jennifer Romano, www.talkofthetownwc.com
Photo contributed (thanks, Susie!)