What am I hearing from the citizens of Columbia City?

  • We need a common sense mayor.
  • We need a mayor with experience.
  • We need a mayor with no hidden agendas.
  • We need a mayor who will represent the people and not special interest groups.
  • We need a mayor who will communicate, who is visible, available and who will listen.
  • We need a mayor who will work to get our utility bills in line. 

If given the privilege to serve, I will be a mayor who listens, who uses common sense, who will work to end the spending of your public monies on frivolous projects and who will answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

I believe in the least intrusive government possible.  Your government works for you and is designed to serve, protect and defend.  My role as your mayor will be to work with the city departments managing them to be the most efficient and effective departments possible.

The outgoing administration is proud of the fact that during the last 8 years $500,000 in grant money was received for various projects.  This grant money is tax money.   This administration is also working on the $4 million ‘Highway 205 project’.  Again, this project is being funded with grant money.  This is yet another example of pork barrel ineffective spending.  When I am your mayor this ineffective spending will stop.   This easy spending philosophy is what created our government’s current deficit position.  To quote Will Rogers, “When you find yourself in a hole – quit digging.”

I will emphasize the importance of maintaining our infrastructure.  I will take a pro-active stance in reducing potential problem areas throughout our utility system.

I will also work tirelessly with the Whitley County officials, the EDC, our regional partners, and the state of Indiana to create additional jobs in our community.   We can assist in bringing more employment to our area without giving away the store.

Help me get the word out.  Don Sexton is a candidate for Mayor of Columbia city.  I am asking for your vote.  We need the support of your family, friends and neighbors – and with your help and support we will be successful.

- Don Sexton, candidate for mayor

Someone Who Listens
Don Sexton for Mayor.
The People's Choice.

                        Columbia City, Indiana
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Photo by Jennifer Romano, www.talkofthetownwc.com