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Don Sexton for Mayor.
The People's Choice.

                        Columbia City, Indiana
Your questions and input are important to us!

Please send your thoughts to input@donsextonformayor.com

We will respond promptly, and we will post your feedback and FAQs on this site...so check back frequently!

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"Here I Do Be With Hat in Hand" -
An Ode to the Campaign

by Susie Duncan Sexton

a poem???? here i do be with hat in hand...
imploring that you understand....
that for some unknown patriotic reason...
hubby wishes to become a small town mayor for a season.

he loves all people everywhere...
me? for animals i mostly care.
he's a conservative republican cat...
i'm a progressive, free-thinking democrat....

stop by this site and click to give him the nod...
why he wishes to do this thing is only known by god! ;D

(local or not, see ya there...
he just needs to know that folks really care! ♥)

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Genuine P.F. Chang's fortune, fortuitously received! Let's hope it's a sign of great things to come!